301 Redirects for SEO

In the latest installment of Ask a Sage, we explore the question, “Can you redirect a redirect?”

In addition, we take time to give our take on 301 vs. 302 redirects for SEO and best practices for managing moved content on a website. Video after the jump…

A question that we get surprisingly often is, “Can you redirect a redirect?” Often the question is asked a little more confusingly, but that is the gist of it. Sometimes it is more like, “I moved this one page and need to get people off the page it now goes to, and to another page, can I do that?”

In the video below we explore our best practice for using redirects and the 301 vs. 302 redirect. However, we do suggest that before you move any content that you take time to ask yourself three questions:

  • Does this content really need to be moved?
  • Is this the final iteration of the URL structure, or might it change again?
  • Is this a permanent change, or a temporary change?

Once you know those facts, you can make decisions on your redirect needs.

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