3 Tips for Scaling Practices in Your Growing Business

Scaling and growing your organization while managing a team and multiple projects, typically comes with lots of missteps, pitfalls, and so many learning opportunities. Earlier this month, Delphic Digital’s project management team partnered with local project management group, DPM Philly, to host “Scaling Practices in a Growing Company“. 

Panelists, L-R: Rebecca Sherman (Managing Director, Bluecadet), Donamarie Schettino (Engagement Director, EY Intuitive), Don Myer (Sr. Project Manager, Delphic Digital), Tracy Levesque (Co-founder, YIKES, Inc.), Ish Shah (Director of Project Management, Delphic Digital)

Featuring panelists from local companies Bluecadet, YIKES, Inc., EY Intuitive, and #TeamDelphic, we discussed common growth challenges from shifting team dynamics to how to manage legacy clients as your business evolves, and so much more.

In case you missed it, here are the top 3 tips for avoiding pitfalls during the growth phase.

Tip #1:  Get a handle on Resourcing

Resourcing was a hot topic on the panel across industries and company sizes. Time and talent are valuable resources and knowing how to properly allocate each is crucial for a project’s (or business’) success. Our panelists recommend;

  • Reduce risk when planning for new business by tracking work by discipline so that you know when to hire.  A spreadsheet might seem old fashioned but it’s very effective
  • In a smaller organization, know that when one person doesn’t work out or connect with the group it can have a big impact because they represent a larger percentage of the overall work force
  • Place more thought and effort in onboarding and develop structure with mentorship to encourage and facilitate employee growth

Tip #2:  Improve Processes – when the company grows, change should follow

Change isn’t always well received. However, when improving processes increases productivity with less effort, everyone wins. To get your team invested in adopting new processes, our panelist had these recommendations;

  • Take the time to find the right software tool when you need to move from a homegrown tool to an enterprise-level solution
  • Perform full-scale retrospectives post-launch and apply learnings to that client on future projects or roll out across the company depending on subject matter
  • Work with practice groups to add increased detail to estimating project work and ensure lessons from milestone-based true-ups are implemented to course correct on a milestone basis

Tip #3:  Implement effective Communications

With so many communication options available to us, cutting through the noise is as important as ever.  Make an impact with effective communications using tips and technology to make it easy for everyone.  Our panelists recommendation the following to simplify and say what is most important;

  • Implement Slack channels for projects to streamline communication to team members
  • To avoid important messages getting lost, use hashtags to help sort content within the channel – e.g. #decisionmade for when something is approved
  • Consider giving clients access to the project Slack channel and set up notifications so the internal team members receive an email when a new incoming request is posted by the client

Between the panel discussion and audience questions, every participant walked away with new ideas and perspectives about scaling practices regardless of company size. The key takeaways planted seeds for growth. While we touched on many aspects of company growth, we all found that keeping resourcing, internal processes, and communication top of mind is an important component of growing to scale.

We had a great time partnering with DPM Philly and our panelists to host this event. Thanks again to everyone who came out, and we look forward to seeing you at the next #DelphicDPM event.

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