2012 Delphic Sage Geeked Outing

Delphic Sage 2012 Geeked OutingIt’s official, the games have ended and the champions reign (in true geek form) and our 2012 Delphic Sage Geeked Outing went off without a hitch.

After a long week of the highly anticipated Delphic Sage ‘games’, inspirational Rocky videos and costume planning among team members, the agency made their way to the Main Street, Manayunk venue to boast their abilities in four events – Name That Tune, Pong, Trivia, & Flip.

As each country made their way into the ‘arena’, cameras flashed and costumes were celebrated. Shortly after, the games began and the competition flared. As the Russian Federation claimed the gold in the first event, Ireland and Canada were close behind.

Delphic Sage Geeked Outing Best CostumeNext of the games came Trivia and Name That Tune, testing each Sage’s knowledge of pop culture and music. After scrambling for correct answers, faces twisted in mere confusion and pointed fingers gestured when intellectual light bulbs went off. The Canadians climbed to the top in Trivia and the US, Canadians, and Ireland tied in the naming of the tunes. For the last event of the games, the lagging teams rounded up for their chance of redemption and the leaders strutted their way to the tables. After an intense battle, USA and Japan flaunted their victories.


Ireland Throws for Silver MedalTaking to the boards for the final scores, the teams gasped at a three-way tie between Canada, Ireland, and the U.S for the title of the 2nd Place Silver Medal winners, despite the Aussie’s extra points with their win of Best Costume. Without plans for a tie-breaking event, the final teams came together to compete in a game of Cornhole. Throwing for a title, the stakes were high and hearts were pumping. Feeling the pressure, each team aimed away and scores were collected. As the numbers were added, the Americans jumped for joy after discovering their winning score, claiming the 3rd place medal.

After several hours of heated competition, the leaders took to the podium and the winners were announced with Russia Federation in first, Ireland taking the silver, and the Americans in third. Each team received their awards as well as their personalized ‘Delphic Sage’ medals and flowers. The crowd roared with applause as the medalists posed for pictures of the historic moment.

Delphic Sage Geeked Outing ChampionsA huge thanks goes out to Mark Patten and Lance Hollander, representing the Russian Federation for allowing Delphic Sage to hold such a thrilling outing and all of those who participated in the events. Congratulations to the top three teams for your outstanding performances!


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