20 push-ups an Hour

Nerds getting in shape – Physical Fitness Benefits at the Work Place.

“I sit in font of a computer for 8 hours a day.” This is the MO of the modern work force and it’s obviously bad for your body. I’ve been part of this culture for three years and I already feel the side affects. My hips and shoulders are stiff by the end of the day and at the week’s end, the stiffness seeps into rest of my body. With the littlest effort, the work day can feel a bit more ergonomic.

The Practice and Idea:
Once an hour, on the hour I get out of my seat for 2 – 4 minutes. I stretch my arms, shake out my legs, twist my back and neck a bit and basically loosen up my joints. Take a few deep breaths then drop to the floor for 20 push-ups. From then, take a few more deep breaths to lower my heart rate and walk out of the room and ask how one of my few co workers, “Hey, how you holding up?” , “How’s that project treating you today?” That’s that, if it’s time to refill my coffee cup or use the bathroom, it all gets taken care.

Basically, this bit of movement calms my huge inability to sit still and actually adds to my productivity. The stretching and push-ups calms my in-chair squirmishness. The bit of chatting reduces a need to get into AIM (which is a well know productivity killer). It also affords a the fresh eye needed for bug testing but isn’t long enough to remove me from my Zen-like-UI-flow I like to refer to as “Headphones Mode”. This 2-4 minutes takes care of all of my workday distractions in bulk and all in all, reduces the stress that is put on my body.

By the end of the day, I’ve gotten in a minimum of 100 push-up! IT’S GREAT! After each set my arms may fell a bit tired but all is well by the next 20. If 20 is a bit much, set goals and start low. 5 push-ups is way better then 0 push-ups.

The idea has caught on around office and I am no longer alone on my mid-level jockness. Developers and Project Managers alike are joining in on the push-ups, thus adding to the over all buffness of the Delphic Sage outfit.

Other Good ideas to make you feel better at the end of the day:

  • Don’t over eat at lunch and keep your lunches low in carbs and fat.
  • Have small snacks, like an apple or an Odwalla bar instead of chips or chocolate.
  • Quit soda!
  • Get into 10-15 minute of yoga as a way to kick start your day.
  • Get into some basic calisthenics to thwart the work day struggle.

Proper Push-ups:

Proper Sit-ups:

Project Manager, Tania Radocaj:
“They (push-ups) make me feel alive, they rejuvenate me” 

Director of All Things Fun, Scott Mercer:
“Push ups make me feel ridiculous and awesomely outrageous”

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