10 Development Tools That We Wouldn't Want to Live Without

These top 10 posts are a little bit tiresome, but in case anyone out there wants to know which tools the developers of Delphic Sage hold near and dear to their hearts, I bring you the following list:

  1. Visual Studio (or Eclipse)
  2. SQL Server Management Studio
  3. SVN / Visual SVN / Tortoise
  4. SQL Compare (with Command Line)
  5. jQuery
  6. FireBug
  7. Cruise Control
  8. NAnt / Ant
  9. Fiddler
  10. YSlow

Most of these tools are free….some are not. Either way, I feel that these tools are a fair representation of how much web development has changed in the past few years. Now, if only the browsers could keep up we could really start to make some progress!

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