• blog_sitecore_award

    Flexing Our Digital Chops with the Sitecore Experience Award

    It’s tough to do great digital marketing work without understanding it, which is why you’ll find us constantly asking ourselves (and our clients), “Is this the best experience for the user? Are we speaking to them like they expect to be spoken to? Is this about us…or you – the user?”

    It’s always a great feeling when these efforts are recognized outside of our Delphic universe, which is why we couldn’t be happier to announce that we’ve won the 2016 Sitecore North America Contextual Intelligence Award for our work with Sunrise Senior Living on the Care Questionnaire!

  • blog_google_ad_words

    The New Google Adwords Pipeline

    Google doesn’t shy away from a big change, for better or worse. As paid search managers, we are required to stay on our toes so we’re not scrambling to keep up with ever changing Adwords pipeline. Once again, Google is rolling out some new updates that will change the way we do business in the paid search world, coming to you “sometime later this year” (in classic Google style).

  • blog_ptw2016 (1)

    Where to Find Delphic at Philly Tech Week 2016

    As sponsors and event hosts, the Delphic crew is excited to make this Philly Tech Week our best one yet. As proud Manayunk residents, we love any opportunity to represent Delphic in the greater Philly tech community and especially look forward to inviting the community to the ‘Yunk this year. From marketing events to dev talks to happy hours, here’s where you can find Delphies this tech week.

  • blog_good_bad_sitecore

    Personalization: The Good, the Bad, and the Sitecore

    The first time I was introduced to personalization, it was when I logged into my internet provider, and saw “Welcome, Brian” displayed at the top of the page. This made me feel warm and fuzzy. Nowadays, I more than likely get a “Hey, Shopper- You left items in your cart!” message when I visit a site. This does not make me feel warm and fuzzy. What happened to personalization actually being personal?

  • blog_mixtape

    Watch the Stove – Marketing Lessons

    If you haven’t already heard about Watch the Stove, the amazing mixtape released by Hamburger Helper as an April Fool’s Joke, you are missing out. This “joke” turned out to be an amazing feat of the Hamburger Helper team and went viral, with millions of listens in a matter of days. We as marketers can learn a lot from this glove “Lefty”, and can apply it to our own work.

  • blog_sherpa_recap

    It’s Not About Us. It’s About You.

    Raise your hand if you’re a great digital marketer. Raise your hand if you know your audience. Keep them raised if you address your audience’s pain points and regularly provide solutions that ease them. Two days at the annual MarketingSherpa Summit made me question that “I’m the expert” feeling. And I’m very glad it did.