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    Working Through a Creative Block: 8 Surefire Ways to Get Back on Track

    As a Web designer at a digital agency, my job requires me to be creative—all the time. It’s easy to say that design is a learned skill, and to an extent this is certainly true, but design is so much more than just moving around pixels in Photoshop. Good design requires research, data, a creative eye, and a lot of thinking. The bottom line: it takes time and patience, and sometimes trial and error.

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    Local Pack Shrinkage: Recapping One of the Most Common Conversations at SMX East 2015

    In early August, Google made some significant changes to their local search listings (affectionately referred to as the “Local Pack”). You may have unknowingly experienced this firsthand if you performed a locally focused search recently (e.g., searched for the closest pizza place in your area). Whereas before Google would include seven relevant businesses in their listings, they’ve now modified it to show only three.

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    Delphic Spotlight – Meet Franco Maffei, SEO Manager

    When looking for an SEO Manager, we knew we needed someone who had solid experience with driving enterprise-level SEO campaigns, generating revenue through organic channels, and creating SEO solutions customized to the individual needs of each client.
    And when we met Franco Maffei, we knew we found who we were looking for.

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    Delphic Recognized for its Continued Commitment to Health and Wellness

    In September, Delphic Digital had the privilege of being selected as a Finalist for the SmartCEO Healthiest Company Awards Program for companies based in the Philadelphia region. This program honors organizations for their commitment to the health and wellness of their employees. Finalists were selected by an independent committee of local business leaders based on engagement, effectiveness, and ROI.

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    The Bull’s-Eye Just Got Bigger for Targeted Ads

    With users providing vast amounts of data while using Google’s services, the company has slowly rolled out more specific ways to direct targeted ads to its users, while also being mindful of their privacy. Google’s most recent efforts comes to us as Customer Match, which allows advertisers to deliver personalized ads across devices when users are logged […]

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    An Introduction to Selenium IDE

    Manual testing is both powerful and highly reliable. However, sometimes manual testing can get repetitive and tedious. This is where test automation comes in. Test automation is essentially writing the tests using recording software so that they can run independently of the human tester. The results of the tests are then shown in IDE, informing […]

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    Sass (Part 2): Tips and Tricks

    Organizing colors can get a bit messy, so in _settings.scss we have a pattern to help in which they are abstracted from the components. First, every color we use in the site is assigned a name variable, (eg, $colorPlum: #832C73;). Second, those named color variables are applied to the name of an object (eg, $primaryButtonBkg:$colorPlum;). […]

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    How to Build Better Brand Awareness

    Last month, Delphic Digital attended the Technical.ly Philly’s Super Meetup in Queen’s Village. Beyond the free beer and ice cream, this was a great opportunity to learn more about the Philly tech community, from its well-established tech companies and financial companies to the many Meetup Groups and start-ups. Delphic Digital was represented full force, including […]

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    Hijacking, Stuffing, and Stacking – A Hacker’s Delight

    This blog was written in collaboration with Senior Marketing Manager, Cristie Setzer. Last year, the Interactive Advertising Bureau admitted that 36% of Web traffic was non-human traffic. In fact, some estimates claim that as much as 50% of Web traffic is fraudulent. Ad and traffic fraud can inflate your impressions, clicks, click-through rate, and pageviews […]

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    Taming the Beast that is Marketing Automation

    Here at Delphic, we’ve done quite a few Marketing Automation (MA) campaigns and have learned some things along the way. Whether you’re using MA tools like Eloqua, Marketo, Pardot, or Sitecore 8, it’s important to start with a solid plan, execute, and then iterate so you too can tame the Marketing Automation beast. Check out […]