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    New Year, New Delphies

    Here at Delphic, while we were a bit sad to bid the fantastic year that was 2015 farewell, we were eager for the new horizons of 2016. One of those new horizons, we’re pleased to say, is growing our awesome team of Delphies. This month, we’ve had the pleasure of welcoming six new faces (and personalities) to our ranks. Read on to get to know who they are, what they do, and their preferred karaoke jams.

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    An evening with PhillyCHI and Jared Spool

    A few weeks ago, a few Delphies went to see Jared Spool speak at a PhillyCHI’s event at The Wharton School. As a UX designer and longtime Spool twitter follower, I was excited to see him talk about design and metrics. I am sharing what I learned in the form of sketchnotes from his talk, titled “Is Design Metrically Opposed?”

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    S is for Security: Google’s Newest HTTPS Policy

    Google is on a quest to make the web a safer place. The search giant has announced it will henceforth favor pages with HTTPS encryption over their HTTP counterparts when indexing sites. Read on for more on how Google’s commitment to providing users with the most secure web experience available can affect your site.

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    Productivity Hacks to Get the Most Out of Your Work Day

    We all have things to do, and most of the time, our computers and smartphones help us fulfill our duties faster and with fewer errors. Sometimes, however, technology gets in our way. Read on for some of the best browser extensions for tackling most of the issues you’re likely to face throughout the work day while maintaining your sanity and zen-like focus.

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    Delphic Spotlight – Meet Tim Breslin, Head of Technology

    At Delphic, we firmly believe that the key to our success is finding great team members who align with our core values and are passionate about the work that we do. When we decided to add a Head of Technology to our team, we knew that the right person for the job would be tough to find.

    Tim Breslin was the unicorn we were looking for.

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    Overview of the c3 Conductor Searchlight Conference 2015: Day 1

    The annual c3 Conductor Searchlight conference took place this year on October 28 and 29 at Pier 92/94 in New York City. Conductor Searchlight is a powerful tool that you can use to identify content opportunities, monitor keyword rankings and the competitive landscape, and more. ICYMI, here’s a look at my favorite sessions from the conference this year.

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    Working Through a Creative Block: 8 Surefire Ways to Get Back on Track

    As a Web designer at a digital agency, my job requires me to be creative—all the time. It’s easy to say that design is a learned skill, and to an extent this is certainly true, but design is so much more than just moving around pixels in Photoshop. Good design requires research, data, a creative eye, and a lot of thinking. The bottom line: it takes time and patience, and sometimes trial and error.