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    Trending Toys for the 2016 Holiday Season

    As the holidays get closer and holiday shopping reaches its peak, it can become hard to choose the right gift for everyone on your list. Luckily for us, eBay has given users a look into their real time data of the most popular electronics, fashion items, and toys across the country. Using this data, we’ve created an interactive map to help the holiday-crazed shopper pick out the perfect toy for every child in their life!

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    Recapping BarCamp Philly 2016

    Repeat sponsors (and attendees), we love BarCamp because not only does it bring together some of the area’s most interesting minds, but it gives a normally tech-focused crowd the opportunity to share other facets of their interests and personalities. Read on for our highlights from the 9th Annual BarCamp Philly.

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    Lessons from ELA Conf 2016

    Earlier this month, I had the opportunity to attend ELA Conf with a group of womend from across Delphic’s depts. The two day conference was empowering, through-provoking, and confirmed that tech is a wide category with many needs. Read on as I share how ELA was an opportunity to better understand how women in tech currently operate, and what we can do to further our influence.

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    Tableau Conference 2016 Recap

    As a first-time attendee and stereotypical millennial, it was absolutely thrilling to attend a conference in Austin, Texas focused on all things Tableau software and adhering to the principals of “work hard, play hard.” Tableau has a tradition of putting on an exceptional show. If you haven’t attended this conference before, allow me to walk you through what makes it so special and worth your effort to attend next year’s conference in Las Vegas.

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    Meet Delphic at BarCamp Philly

    A proud sponsor for the past few years and we’re excited to return and support one of the most collaborative, community-led events in Philadelphia, the 9th Annual BarCamp Philly. Read on for more about the event and Delphies to look out for.

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    Tableau Conference 2016 – A Newbie’s First Day

    Yesterday was my first day, of my first conference, ever. What a conference to start with! This week, I’m in Austin, Texas for Tableau Conference 2016, which has the most attendees the data-visualization company has ever seen and a Costco-sized bag of announcements. In this post, I briefly touch on those announcements so far and my experience at this huge event.