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Todd Duchynski

VP Planning & Delivery

Famously known as being employee #1, Todd joined the company, (then known as Digital Design Works) in 2000 — an entire year before founder Mark Patten joined, eventually took ownership, and renamed it Delphic Digital in 2004. Yeah, Todd has some serious street cred.

With a background in design, he is creative, techy, innovative, and he’s often right. At Delphic, he has managed departments from FED to UX, coaching and teaching employees along the way. Currently, Todd oversees the agency’s planning function — smoothing processes and ensuring client project scopes and plans are realistic and on target to meet business goals, with every “i” dotted and every “t” crossed.

With big names AT&T, Comcast, American Standard, Borgata, and U.S. Bank under his belt, Todd is everyone’s go-to consultant who helps to solve the toughest challenges.

He lives right on the edge of best practices and always pushes our clients to think about the next best way to guide the customer experience. Todd is a thinker, a doer and most of all, a leader.

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