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Lance Hollander

Managing Partner

We are not actually sure if Lance sleeps. Lance is human coffee. The Big Picture Guy. The Make it Happen Man. Lance has helped plan and manage complex online initiatives for some of the biggest brands today including Martha Stewart Living, AT&T, New York Public Library, Oakley, Callaway, Mitsubishi and American Lung Association.

Lance also does big business with small companies, having led two prior firms through acquisitions. Lance was Co-founder of Involve Inc, a SaaS company that raised over 3 million in both Angel and VC and was sold in 2003 for an eventual IPO exit. Then, in 2006 he became a partner of a top 50 digital agency, MEA Digital, which successfully sold to their client Advanta Bank in 2008 where he spent two years as Advanta Bank’s Senior Vice President of Ecommerce.

At Delphic, Lance helps drive the business by identifying opportunities for companies to improve their digital marketing efforts. Having worked with budgets with lots of zeros, Lance helps new clients identify how and where to best spend their marketing dollars to make the most impact on business objectives. Yeah, he likes to get his hands dirty in the strategy sessions and doesn’t disappear after the contract is signed. As Lance says – the ideas are easy, it’s the execution that’s the challenge. That and keeping up with Lance.

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Mark Patten

Managing Partner