Brian Osborn - Founder & Sr. Technical Director, Enterprise Accounts  , Delphic Digital

Brian Osborn

Sr. Technical Director, Enterprise Accounts

Brian Osborn, Delphic Digital’s own Man in Black, is a whole lot of tech geek, but even more rock n’ roll.

He was just 12 years old when he wrote his first computer program–before he actually touched a computer. (Inspired after taking a book out on basic programming from the library, he sat down and wrote the program out on paper. Once he plugged it into the computer, it only needed a few minor tweaks.)

This take-charge, fearless attitude has been the crux of his success. He studied computer science in Edinburgh, Scotland, before hitting the scene as a developer, where he provided tech-focused solutions for an array of industries, including travel, engineering, banking, and pharmaceuticals. After focusing on the back-end of the tech world for 15 years (there’s no code this guy can’t handle), he finally decided to share his talents on the front-end side of business.

As Senior Tech Director of Enterprise Accounts, Brian loves being able to get clients excited about the technical side of their projects and put any of their concerns to rest. Using his extensive knowledge and laid-back style, he’s translates client’s needs into actionable plans quickly and effectively.

When Brian isn’t making magic happen in front of clients or his computer screen, he’s behind a lens. A self-proclaimed live music junkie, he spends most of his free time attending and photographing concerts¬†happening all over Philly.

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