Brian Charniga - Founder & Sr. Director, Managed Services, Delphic Digital

Brian Charniga

Sr. Director, Managed Services

While some may tremble in fear, or immediately run away screaming after right-clicking on a web page and selecting “view page source,” Brian feels a certain calmness, as if a fresh mountain breeze has gently brushed across his face. He loves talking about database schemas, server architectures, security guidelines and other technical specifications behind what you’re staring at this very second. During his tenure in the digital marketing industry, Brian has led the development of a wide range of interactive web applications, from marketing microsites, to secure enterprise-level CMS and e-commerce solutions.

While working on projects with such clients as Chase Bank, Delta Dental, Warner Bros and Aqua America, Brian has gotten his hands dirty in almost all aspects of the digital agency including, but not limited to front and back-end development, UX design, business analysis, information architecture, database architecture, application security compliance, and server administration. As a software engineer, Brian’s focus has been primarily shared between developing applications on a LAMP and Microsoft stack (ASP.NET and SQL Server), however he always loves to learn about new technologies and methods to improve upon existing ones.

Brian isn’t just about the 1’s and 0’s – he strongly believes in the importance of delivering an intuitive user experience, and is constantly on the lookout for better solutions that help bridge the gap between usability and technology.

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Brian Charniga

Sr. Director, Managed Services

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