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Sasha Pfandt - Founder & VP Technology, Delphic Digital

Sasha Pfandt

VP Technology

Who the heck enters an international math contest at 17 and wins? Meet Sasha Pfandt, Delphic Digital’s Head of Technology.

Sasha manages and mentors our .Net and PHP web development teams to create cohesiveness and efficiency across all the back-end technologies we utilize for our clients. He also works closely with our Managing Partners to build strategic and sustainable technological processes for Delphic and our clients that align with our overall mission, vision, and values.

Sasha has worked with brands like Mazda, Verizon, CBRE, ESPN, EcoLab, Epson, ATP, Qualcomm, Energizer and others, consulting them on enterprise content management needs and digital marketing automation.

Sasha is a two-time Sitecore MVP and has built, mastered and developed enterprise CMS solutions for almost 20 years. He holds physics and computer science degree from Tbilisi State University.

Prior to joining Delphic, Sasha was VP of Engineering at Mirum, a 2000+ global digital agency that is part of the J. Walter Thompson family. On a side note, Sasha began his career developing an enterprise CMS for Involve Inc., a startup in New York City that was started by Delphic Managing Partner Lance Hollander.

Almost 20 years later Sasha joins Delphic and we could not be happier.

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