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Mark Patten - Founder & Managing Partner, Delphic Digital

Mark Patten

Managing Partner

A sports enthusiast and gadget (how do we put this lightly) obsessive, Mark wants to hear all about your weekend pursuits, and tell you all about this awesome new tech/app/tool/thing that you’ll remember two weeks later when it’s in the headlines. With a big business background, an entrepreneurial drive and a practical desire to work in a space that would continually innovate, Mark made his way to the agency world and eventually ownership of Delphic.

Mark has evolved the agency practice to include full-service strategy and support in the digital world. With over 20 years of experience practicing Internet marketing, Mark has developed a deep knowledge of best practices in technology foundations, marketing tools and creative executions. Mark is generous with his time and expertise; you just have to buy the latest gadget to keep up.

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