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Kate Dalbey - Founder & Sr. Account Director, Delphic Digital

Kate Dalbey

Sr. Account Director

A strategic thinker, an empathetic marketer, a results-driven leader: call her what you will, Kate is positivity personified. Passionate in communicating and storytelling, Kate has evolved her skills in the digital world at companies like National Board of Medical Examiners (the beginning of her love affair with healthcare), finance startup Student Loan Financial Group and Metro Newspaper US.

During her tenure at Delphic, Kate has worn many hats while leading strategy across a variety of digital marketing channels – paid search, SEO and marketing automation, to name a few. She currently heads up our healthcare vertical, where her personal mission centers on improving each customer’s digital experience to ultimately make everything as easy as Uber.

Efficient, effective and always ready for a challenge, Kate constantly keeps us on our toes with “out-of-the-box” ideas and objectives. Her beliefs in intuitive and engaging consumer experiences help move our clients forward, and she’s always asking what now and what next. She’ll never stop thinking about the customer, and she’ll never let you stop thinking about them, either. Why else are we here, right?

Outside of the office, Kate can be found in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philly, eating something amazing at a local restaurant and attempting to converse with her wonderful hubby while her toddler is throwing salt shakers across the room (true story, he’s lucky he’s cute).

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