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Google Analytics Certified Partner

Google Analytics Certified Partner

Delphic Digital is one of a select few agencies and consultancies worldwide that is a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP). This means that we are recognized as experts in the field of web analytics — and demonstrate exceptional impact in advanced tracking and analysis capabilities that make client websites and marketing campaigns more effective. As part of the GACP network, Delphic Digital will now have the opportunity to contribute to a knowledge forum alongside the top Google Analytics organizations in the world.

No digital marketing project is complete without incorporating the appropriate customized analytics platform. Acquisition, behavior, and conversion data let us measure for success and apply learnings to projects for our e-commerce, lead generation and non-commerce clients. Analytics isn't just a reporting vehicle for standard web metrics like visits and bounces. Analytics is a cohesive marketing tool that allows us to observe and optimize website marketing efforts.

Have you found yourself asking any of these questions? We can help!

  • I have Google Analytics setup. But is it right? Am I using all the available features?
  • What do I do with all this data?! What does it mean?
  • Wouldn't it be cool if my Google Analytics data meshed with all my other data sources? How's that work?
  • So I set up campaigns. Are they working?!
  • Numbers? Ugh.

Our Google Certified Consultants have real-world experience and are certified by the Google Analytics IQ Test to ensure you're receiving the most up-to-date knowledge and practice in digital marketing and website optimization. The best part is we love this stuff. Understanding numbers, analyzing, and optimizing is not just a skill at Delphic, it's a passion.

Google Analytics Premium Is In Our Bag Too

Amongst other programs, Delphic Digital uses both free and Premium versions of Google Analytics to manage website data and insights for our various clients. Google Premium analytics feature allows us to tap into the most powerful, robust analytics features possible, however, we can apply many customizations to the free version to measure the goals established at the website project onset.

Delphic Digital Offers These Google Analytics and Google Website Optimizer Services:

  • Google Analytics Planning & Implementation
  • Customization & Optimization
  • Campaign Setup & Monitoring
  • Consultations
  • Training & Ongoing support

After the project launches, your Google Certified Consultant at Delphic will monitor data and make ongoing recommendations to optimize visitor behavior and results. That's the beauty of digital and what gets us so excited about online marketing — it's always evolving, and we can always find a way to improve your site optimization and make your budget work harder.

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