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Bing Certified Partner

Have you been hesitant to use Bing or are you unsure that your efforts will result in the desired performance? Delphic's team of certified specialists is well versed in managing campaigns with Bing AdCenter. We utilize a methodical and data-driven approach from setup through reporting to help reach additional web users in another powerful paid search network.

Developing a paid search strategy for Bing AdCenter is not the same as developing a strategy for Google AdWords. As a part of Delphic's services, we will learn the ins and outs of your business to first create a strategy and then implement it as a search campaign in Bing, aligning the campaign with your business goals of lead generation, eCommerce, branding or otherwise.

Not sure if you should use Bing AdCenter? Even though Google AdWords dominates the search network space, Microsoft won't let Bing go gently into the night and Bing AdCenter is still worth a marketer's effort. Bing owns about 30% of searches - that's 30% of the search market that you could be targeting. Put another way: that's 30% of the market you're ignoring if you ignore Bing! Another benefit to using Bing is that typically lower CPCs (comparable to Google AdWords) allow you to stretch your budget even further and generate leads and sales at a lower cost.

Delphic Digital offers these Bing AdCenter Services:

  • Account Audits & Consultation
  • Keyword Research & Campaign Planning
  • Campaign Setup
  • Performance Monitoring & Competitive Analysis
  • Campaign Optimization
  • Ad and Landing Page A/B Testing
  • Training & Ongoing Support

Contact Delphic today to learn more about our search team's capabilities and case studies with Bing AdCenter.