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Delphic Wins a Communicator Award

The Communicator Awards celebrate big ideas that make a lasting impact. Delphic Digital was awarded a 2014 Silver Communicator Award in the Real Estate and Visual Appeal categories for work on

What, no corporate home brew category?


How to Custom Style Sitecore's Webforms for Marketers

I'm not a front end developer - I'll be the first one to tell you that (I'm a chef!). That doesn't mean I don't feel the pain of being a FED, though. In the past, a really tough task for our front end team has been styling Sitecore's Webforms For Marketers. The way these forms work, the HTML that is outputted onto the page is generated during the page load, so all of the style definitions have to be made and put onto the page beforehand. After many hours of tedious CSS tinkering, eventually the form looks the way we want and stays in the right place.   

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