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Introducing the Class of 2014

Delphic Digital is a dog friendly workplace and encourages other offices to allow dogs at work. Studies have shown that bringing a pet to work can positively impact workplace morale, collaboration and productivity, while lowering stress. We definitely agree. Meet the office dogs of Delphic Digital.


Chloe Yeung
Case Study: Images in Knowledge Graphs

Many of you are familiar with the Knowledge Graph. It's that box that appears on the right side of Google or Bing when you search for something. There's handy information, a map, reviews, and photos. This is extremely useful for the user to get a quick snapshot of a popular business or location, but optimizing Knowledge Graphs can be pretty tricky. We know we're able to influence the Knowledge Graph information with Google+, Wikipedia, and that other public database - Freebase, however, some changes are discussed less frequently, such as how to manipulate Knowledge Graph images. 

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