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Delphic Digital presentsDogs of Delphic - Class of 2015

Who says our human employees are the only ones who make coming to work enjoyable? Our professional pups play just as important a role in keeping everybody motivated, happy and excited about working at Delphic.

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Isheeta Shah
Organize It!

As a kid, I loved to sort the books in my bookshelf in alphabetical order based on the author's last name. CDs and DVDs were also alphabetized. My clothes were always sorted by garment type, and then, by color. In my mind, everything had a system in which to be organized. As I got older, I used this approach when it came to school work - clearly cataloging notes and study guides throughout college. But my real moment of organizational glory?  Planning my wedding. You better believe I had an accordion filing system to keep track of all of the contracts and documents I accumulated. My wedding planner actually told me that I was the most organized bride she had ever worked with...and it made my heart skip a beat. I know, I's pretty nerdy. But for me, there's just something soothing about taking a pile of chaos and corralling it into neat - and meaningful - order. It's safe to say that this affinity for organization has spilled over into my work here at Delphic.

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